Pelican Auto Finance, LLC Announces “TURBO Funding” Program

Cherry Hill, NJ – April, 10 2013 – Pelican Auto Finance, LLC (“Pelican”) has announced the rollout of its “TURBO Funding” program, a key component to their well-publicized Three-Pronged growth strategy.

“We believe that TURBO Funding will be a huge hit with our dealer partners by further improving our high service levels, said Troy Cavallaro, CEO of Pelican. “The program will enable dealers to experience the fastest funding turn times on clean packages in the deep subprime space.”

Pelican recognizes that speed is very important to dealers, especially in the independent dealer segment. Joel Kennedy, COO of Pelican, added “Early feedback on TURBO Funding has been overwhelmingly positive, with most of the TURBO deals funding within 24 hours upon receipt of the original contract. Our goal is to provide unprecedented service levels; Pelican is committed to 3 day or less funding turn time on 95% of clean TURBO deals.”

This coincides with Pelican’s previous announcement of their “Three Pronged Initiative” that outlines their focus on winning in the marketplace:

Unparalleled Service led by “best in class” credit specialists who are on the ready to directly converse and structure win-win deals. Additionally the expansion of Pelican’s already large installer network will further improve speed and eliminate the hassle of GPS installations for dealers.

Speed of application turn times within 15 minute minutes will be guaranteed from 9am-8pm EST Monday through Friday (9am-6pm Saturday). This includes Pelican’s new TURBO Funding program.

Competitive Pricing from Pelican’s further improved scorecard that delivers the most competitive pricing in the industry.

To learn more about Pelican’s exciting TURBO Funding Program, please contact your local Regional Sales Manager.